Staff leasing / personnel leasingStaff leasing / personnel leasing is a contractual arrangement in which our human resources company is the official employer but the employees work for your company.
Employment responsibilities are typically shared between the human resources company as employer and the client company.
In Staff leasing / personnel leasing the client company retain essential management control over the work performed by the employees.
Our human resources company, meanwhile, assumes responsibility for work such as reporting wages, employment taxes, registering and administrating the labor contracts.

Your main responsibility is writing a check to us to cover the payroll, taxes, benefits and administrative fees. We do the rest!

We provide top candidates through Personnel Leasing in the following domains:

IT & C

Due to our extensive experience and successful projects we have a strong database with candidates that have proven working experience in companies from different countries, on onshore and offshore platforms, constructions sites and top IT companies.

Staff leasing / personnel leasing BENEFITS
Fast Process
For urgent situations we provide you the best specialists in the shortest time.
We provide specialists for short/medium periods with the possibility of permanent employment on your company
Flexible Payment
Multiple choice of payment method
We replace the leased candidate at your request as soon as possible.

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